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Life So Far As A NICU Mom

In my last blog entry I wrote about my concerns regarding the antiviral medicine that Jace is on. Since then I've had the privilege of talking to two neonatologists. One was Jace's neonatologist, who I had already spoken with about my concerns. And the other is the mom of a friend of mine. I had asked my friend to share my blog with her mom, and to let me know what her mom thought. Not even half a day later, I was on the phone with her mom who is a wonderful, extremely knowledgeable, neonatologist all the way in sunny California. It was such a blessing and a favor I'll never forget. She immediately calmed me and put me at ease. She reassured me that my reaction was normal, that even though this is something that she and other neonatologists see every day, that this is something that *I* don't see every day and I was doing the right thing by making sure I understood exactly what was being done to my son and why.

After speaking with her and feeling a lot more calm, I was…