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It feels so good to trust in God. It also feels good that once you have made a decision to trust in your faith, to be almost instantly validated in that decision. On Monday I received a call from Dr. Newman. He wanted to go over a few more things with me that he had discussed with other Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) and Infectious Disease experts. Dr. Newman has really done so much for me and this pregnancy, that I hope he knows how thankful I am. He has reached out to these experts and has come to the same conclusion that my husband and I have, basically. 
Dr. Newman told me so many things, and I am going to try and cover all of those things as efficiently as I can. So one of the first things he told me was that the studies that have been done on CMV have been "small" or "under-powered" studies. When the medical world classifies a study as "under-powered", what they are basically saying is that the test group was not big and that *maybe* had the test bee…


On Friday I received the results from my blood work, and it turns out that this is a primary infection. Meaning that this is the first time I have come in contact with the virus. Which is the scenario we were hoping to avoid. So where do we go from here? There are only two choices, really.

The first choice would be to get an amniocentesis (amnio). Which is where a needle is inserted into the amniotic fluid, and then they would test to see whether or not the virus has been passed to the baby. Because remember, just because I have the virus doesn't necessarily mean it was passed to the baby. With a primary infection the chances are much, much higher that the baby would be infected, but it is not 100% certain. If the amnio came back that the baby was infected, there isn't much we can do except monitor the baby via lots of ultrasounds. If the amnio came back that the baby was not infected, there are treatments that I could use that would help prevent the virus from spreading to th…