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Turns Out, I Really Need To Chill

Hey y'all! I was able to get an appointment for an ultrasound yesterday (Wednesday June 15). As I said in my last post, my plan was to call my doctor and beg for an ultrasound because I was legit worried that I was having another missed miscarriage. And I had no other reason for feeling this other than the fact that all of my pregnancy symptoms had disappeared. Where I was feeling extreme fatigue just last week, over the weekend it just disappeared and it really freaked me out. And in typical Laura fashion, I automatically feared the worst. I started to look more into things and started to tell myself that I really hadn't felt pregnant since our trip to Houston over Memorial Day weekend, and that I needed to have this ultrasound. So when I called on Monday I was relentless and wouldn't take no for an answer. And let me tell you, it's easy to do this over the phone. Not so easy in person. 
When the Ultrasound Tech called me back to her room, and started looking through …

No Wine For Me

I am positive that God has a sense of humor. So, it turns out that there will be no more wine for me. Well, at least not for the next 7-ish months. Remember in my last blog I told y'all how I went in for a fertility appointment on a Tuesday, and that my husband and I were told to have sex the night before the appointment? Well, that is the night we got pregnant. Go freaking figure. Dr. Lucky Lu strikes again. Even though I wasn't on any fertility medication, and we didn't get pregnant via any sort of fertility procedure, I am still thanking Dr. Lu. Why, might you ask? Well, he is the one who told us to have sex that Monday before the appointment. And maybe, without his direction we would have had sex anyway. We are husband and wife. But we just have easily could not have. All I know is that we made SURE that we had intercourse that night because you do what your doctor tells you to. And the rest is history. Or rather, biology.
I am not only thanking Dr. Lu, but I am also t…