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Where Were We?

I feel like the majority of my blog posts now start with "wow, it has been so long since I wrote", and for that I apologize. Sometimes, I just struggle with what to write. I mean, I could come here and write about being a mom every day! But I am just not sure if that is what anyone wants to read. So, I stay away. I think a part of me is scared that someone struggling with fertility will come here and see my newest post, and if it is about how happy I am with being a mom, that they will be totally turned off. I guess I need to try and not look at it that way, because I do love to write and come here and "talk" to you guys!

So lets see... The last time I was here it was October. Lots has happened since then. Christmas has come and gone, and we are in a new year... I have a new job and am completely happy for the first time since my maternity leave was over. A part of me was always struggling since I had to return to work and be away from my daughter who I tried so ha…