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Summer Time Means Pool Time

I had the day off of work for the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. I ran some errands with Scarlett and when we turned into our neighborhood, I noticed that the pool wasn’t too packed and thought “it would be so fun to take Scarlett while it’s not too busy”. Immediately following that thought was: “but all I have are bikini swimsuits and I will NOT look good in a two-piece”. So we got home and I went about unpacking all of my shopping goods. But I kept having this nagging feeling. Like, I have the WHOLE day off with Scarlett. It is a beautiful day. And sure, she is a baby and wouldn't know the difference if we stayed in all day or not. All she knows is that she is in the company of her mommy and life is good. But I knew better. I knew that we should do something fun together.
So I texted my husband and shared my thoughts with him and asked if he would be okay if I took Scarlett to the pool for her first time without him. I told him how I was feeling about my body and how I was insec…