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Scarlett Noel

It's been one week and two days since I gave birth to our sweet, sweet Scarlett Noel. She is the biggest blessing we could've ever dreamed of. She is so beautiful, and sweet, and soft, and happy. She is a gift from God. The best baby in the entire world. I can't imagine life without her. I stay up at night, when it's just me and her, and stare at her and just wonder at how much I love her. How terrified I am of her. Terrified of anything happening to her. Terrified that I will let her down somehow. She is the most innocent little being in the world and she scares me to death. And she makes me so happy. And so proud. She is our little miracle. Welcome to this beautiful world, my beautiful girl. 
Tuesday morning at 1:30am, while feeding Scarlett, I thought back to the previous week and my labor and delivery of Scarlett. How when I woke up that Monday morning and got ready for my prenatal appointment I had no idea that I wouldn't be returning home that day. The night b…