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More Than Halfway There

Holy cow! I simply cannot believe that it has been since March that I last wrote in here! The last time I wrote I was 13 weeks along in my pregnancy and FREAKING OUT because I was having trouble finding the baby's heartbeat on my new Fetal Doppler, and I believe I had decided to give up the Doppler for Lent. Boy, was that a HARD thing to do. And, I didn't exactly give it up 100%. I tried it here and there, but not EVERY day. Finding the heartbeat was a hit or miss kind of thing. Sometimes I would find it, and sometimes I would not. The days of not finding it were pure torture. I am glad that I am pretty much past that phase and have been able to relax some. Reason being, is because somewhere around Week 16, I started being able to find the heartbeat almost every single time I tried the Doppler. I cannot begin to describe the sense of relief I felt every time I heard that sound. I was still a pretty nervous nelly and I would get the worst anxiety when I couldn't find that s…