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That Moment When...

I am at my desk at work and I opened one of my file cabinets and I came across an unused pregnancy test. From last month. From last month when my period was over a week late and I was convinced that I was knocked up. That's an odd moment. I had completely forgotten about that test since I used the other stick in the box and it came back as negative. What a bummer.

It's been awhile since I've written because there isn't much to update about. We have my husband's next sperm analysis in January, so we are just trucking along, living life per our usual routines. Hoping for the best, (that we will get pregnant on our own before January) but preparing for the worst (that we won't get pregnant before January). And we aren't too stressed about it. I think.

Or maybe we are, and we are both really good at hiding it. That's probably very likely, actually. If my reactions to my negative pregnancy tests last month are any indication, I am seriously STRESSED. I had t…