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Time Is Ticking

Yesterday morning I was texting with one of my cousins. She was sending me all of these old school pictures of when we were younger, and we were reminiscing about the "good ole days". The days where you didn't have a care in the world, and you just LIVED. Man, I miss those days. While we were texting, something hit me like a ton of bricks... I'm going to be THIRTY in January. The big 3-0. I usually love celebrating my birthday because, lets be honest, that day is all about ME. And I love the attention. But this is one birthday I am on the fence about. On one hand, I can't wait till my birthday. I have no shame and have strongly hinted to my husband that if he can pull it off, I want a surprise party. Yeah, I know. You can't really ask for a surprise party because then it isn't really a surprise. But whatever. I just want him to get together all of my closest friends and family and I want to have one of those days like the "good ole days", and I …