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A Date Is Set!

Well my friends! Start saying some prayers for us! My husband goes in at the end of May for his surgery. The date is booked, and we are ready. Or, as ready as we will ever be. Even though this surgery is an outpatient procedure, it's still nerve wracking! This surgery could possibly be to answer to all of our prayers. This surgery can possibly allow us to get pregnant naturally. That is such a big deal. Ever since all of this has happened, I always thought that we were going to have to pursue some kind of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) to get pregnant. I thought that getting pregnant through the natural act of sex was out of the picture. I'm glad that its now an option again! Obviously my husband's doctor cannot guarantee that we still won't need to use some sort of fertility treatment, but he is so optimistic of the outcome of this surgery. And we are too!

Now, I need to admit something. Lately I have been having this horrible feeling. This feeling that I may …