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I'm Not Giving Up

This is going to be a long post y'all. Bear with me:

Today was not a good day. I mean, it started off okay. But the crappiness started off around 11:00am when I got a call from Freedom Fertility Pharmacy (FFP). I was told by my insurance rep that my plan covered for Follistim (injections to prepare my body for the insemination) as long as all the prescriptions went through FFP. Well, this morning FFP called me because my insurance was giving them the run-around telling them they had to go through MedCo for all my fertility prescriptions. Which is not the case. I have had plenty of fertility prescriptions filled and I know that my prescriptions go through my medical coverage. This is not my first walk in the park. Any way. FFP said they were working on it, but wanted to give me a heads up with what was going on, especially since this is so time sensitive and my prescriptions need to be shipped overnight so I can start taking them tomorrow, per Dr. Lu's orders. FFP said sometime…

Goodbye Cher, Hello Follistim!

I am happy to announce that Cher (aka the cyst) and I are officially over. Yep, the birth control Dr. Lu prescribed me worked and Cher is gone! Yayyy! In today's ultrasound we saw that not only is Cher completely dunzo, we also saw that everything else looks great. My left ovary looks good. My lining looks good. We are ready to move on to the next step!

Dr. Lu and I had a great discussion today after my ultrasound. Since my husband's blood work all came back negative for antibodies, Dr. Lu feels very strongly that we should give IUI (insemination) a shot. We will be using an injection called Follistim. Follistim is a hormone that regulates ovulation. So when you are given the shot to take, it stimulates egg development. The higher the dosage, the more eggs you produce. Based off my poor history with Clomid, we are using a higher dose of Follistim. We are hoping to see 4-6 eggs. Wow, that is just cray. The chances of twins is around 25% using this form of treatment. I start the…

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

I just got home from visiting with my little "brother" and his new precious baby girl. Well... Technically he isn't my biological brother (hence the quotation marks around the word brother).... My dad and his mom were married when we were younger so he was my step brother. And then my dad and his mom divorced. But just because our parents divorced it didn't make him any less my brother. I love him and am so proud of the man, husband, and father he has become. Ok, thank y'all for letting me sidetrack a bit. Now, back to the moral of the story. :-)

So I just met the newest addition to my family. And she is so beautiful. And so little. And such a precious gift. And it got me thinking of all the other additions to my family. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen pictures of me holding numerous precious babies. If you didn't know me you'd probably wonder where the heck all these babies were coming from! And I'll tell you where - everyone around me is…

Surfing The Crimson Wave

On day 53, I started my menstrual cycle. Those of you who know me personally know that I affectionaly refer to my cycle as "surfing the crimson wave". This saying is circa 1995 from the movie Clueless. So with that being said, I'm naming my cyst "Cher". Yep, you heard me correctly. My cyst is still here. Cher is live and in living color and still attached to my right ovary. The Provera that Dr. Lu prescribed me kind of sort of worked. Meaning that it jump started my period. But it did not suppress Cher (aka, the cyst).

I had an appointment today that confirmed that Cher is still an inch in size. The good news is there is no pain associated with her. The bad news is we cannot go forth with any fertility treatments until she is at least 15mm in size. I'm telling you, if its not one thing it's another! So Dr. Lu put me on birth control pills (Altavera) in hopes that they will shrink Cher (aka, the cyst). I have to take the birth control for 2 weeks and th…