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The Music To My Heart

The other night I was watching BeyoncĂ©'s documentary and I had no idea that she too has miscarried. I wasn't prepared for her documentary to take such a personal turn for me. I knew there was a risk that I would cry while watching (because lets get real, I cry at everything). But I had seen the previews and knew her pregnancy with Blue would be documented, and I always cry when it comes to stuff like that. But when she dropped that bombshell, I had to press pause because the tears were just streaming down my face. I knew what she had felt. And the way she expressed herself was just so real to me. In the documentary she commented how that was the most saddest thing she had ever been through, and that the first song she wrote for her album was a song based on her miscarriage. She commented how the song was the saddest song she has ever written. And it got me thinking about all the other songs that are out there that are directly or indirectly about miscarriage. And how they can …

Son of a Cyst

Well folks, the verdict is in and I do indeed have a cyst. She (we will refer to my cyst as a girl) is on my right ovary and is an inch in size. So she is a pretty decent sized cyst. She's been lingering around for awhile, and I guess I'm just lucky there was no pain associated with her. Thankfully, all of my blood work came back normal. Hormone levels are all fine, so yay for that. I am not miraculously pregnant, so boo for that. I was able to ask a ton of questions and had everything answered, and I am very grateful for that. I had a lot on my mind and finally feel at ease.

I started on the Provera last night. Provera is the pill they initially prescribed me to induce my period and suppress the cyst. Now that I have confirmed the cyst, and know that I am not pregnant, I feel a lot better taking the medicine. So what I'll do is take the pill for the full 7 days. My period should start within 3-6 days after taking the last pill. If my period starts while taking the pill, I…

Periods and Psychics and IUI's, Oh My!!

Aunt Flow is late. 13 days late, to be exact. I've taken four pregnancy tests and they were all a BFN (Big Fat Negative). This is so annoying. Before my first miscarriage my cycles were like clock work. Every 28 days. I could count on it. Since then it's been sporadic. I will go months having my normal, 28 day cycles and then I'll have several months where my periods are late or I'll have multiple cycles in a month's time. This is the latest my period has ever been, and at first I'm certain that I'm *just* late. I don't look too much into it, and I don't fool myself into hoping that I might be pregnant. I have no pregnancy symptoms. For my first two pregnancies I had all the textbook symptoms: fatigue, sore breasts, nausea... And even though every pregnancy is different, I wasn't allowing myself to get too excited. But then once I hit that 10th day mark of being late, I can't help but wonder. Maybe, just maybe I am pregnant.

So yesterday I c…

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Happy Friday, y'all! So my last blog was about how we needed to find out more about my husband's insurance in order to make a decision on how long we wanted to wait. So this past Monday my husband and I called his insurance together and found out a lot of great information. So, here it is:

I cannot be added to my husband's insurance until October 30. And then the coverage does not begin until January 1, 2014. Which sucks. However, there is a bright side. I am a glass half full kind of person, even if that news did make me upset initially. We found out that I could keep my insurance through my employer, and add my husband's insurance as secondary insurance. I was under the impression that if you worked for a big corporation (like both me and my husband do) that you could not do that. Thankfully, I was wrong. So what that means is we can use my insurance until it reaches the $5,000 lifetime max for fertility and then my husband's insurance would kick in and pick up t…