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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back...

So I have some good news and some bad news. Okay, maybe it is not bad news per say... But it does have the potential to change the game a little. So how about I give you all the good news first? The good news is that we got the results from my husband's blood work today. All of his testosterone levels look fine! Yay! And, he tested negative for antibodies. Which is also good because if you remember, testing positive for antibodies means you have a whole other set of issues that the sperm in your body is fighting. So there is the good news. Now for the setback....

Remember how I told y'all on my last post that my insurance covers for fertility? Well, it still does... But I found out it only covers to an extent. I have a lifetime maximum of $5,000 for fertility treatments. Which means that while my insurance does cover for fertility, once they pay $5,000 towards any fertility treatment they will not pay any more and we are then responsible for the rest. And like I mentioned before one round of IVF is usually around $20,000. So in the grand scheme of things $5,000 is not a lot of money. But - there is a bright side. Thankfully my husband has insurance through his employer as well. And fertility is also covered under his insurance plan. And his lifetime max is $20,000! Which means that his insurance pays a lot more than mine and it would basically cover for our first round of IVF (hopefully we would only have to do one round but you never know). The only catch there is that his open enrollment is in November. Which means if we decided to add me to his insurance we would have to wait until November to even consider IVF. Ugh! We have not decided if that is what we will do. A big part of me does not want to wait and just do it on my insurance and finance the rest. But there is a big part of me that thinks "what if we have to do this more than once"? Does it really make sense to get into that much debt when we do have an option of me going on my husband's insurance and being fully covered??? We have yet to make a decision because we are waiting for my husband's HR Representative to call him back so she can answer some concerns we have. The biggest concern is making 100% sure that if I were to switch over to his insurance that we would have NO issues with filing for IVF. The worst thing in my mind that could happen is that we wait till November, only to be denied. Man, just the thought of that makes me sick because that would be so much lost time!!!

So.... we are in limbo. Again. Awaiting another phone call before we make yet another decision. This is all so heavy. I got upset last night just thinking about having to wait until November to get started. I feel like we have been in this for so long already. But I know I need to have patience and trust that things will happen when they are supposed to. And I think deep down I am hoping for a miracle and that maybe my husband's insurance policy has changed and their open enrollment is sooner than November. I doubt that is the case, but a girl can hope. Right?? And if November is indeed the soonest I can get added to his insurance, then we will have to make the decision - to wait, or not to wait???


  1. just a random person who found your blog....not saure if u want my opinion but I would waut until novemeber. medical debt is so distressing. im a nicu nurse and from my experience chances are high that you will need more than 1 round of IVF so if u have th opportunity to have a round for free then jump at the chance. plus you can settle your mind and nerves knowing that there is no pressure to even try to have a baby until november....and who knows? sometimes when the stress and pressure is lifted for a long period of time from a couple then thats when miracles happen! be patient. i know that sounds impossible to do though!

    1. Thank you so much anonymous! I appreciate your support and I am so grateful for your advice! My husband and I actually talked to the insurance the other night and I'm looking forward to updating the blog in a day or two with the new information! Thank you again, I love when people just find my blog and comment! Those are the best for new and fresh perspective!! So thank you!! xxoo

  2. Everything happens for a reason! I would wait until NOV., hey you never know. Maybe a miracle will happen and you get pregnant on your own and won't need IVF :) you can always hope, right ? You and your husband will be in my prayers! Stay Strong,Have Faith <3


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