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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back...

So I have some good news and some bad news. Okay, maybe it is not bad news per say... But it does have the potential to change the game a little. So how about I give you all the good news first? The good news is that we got the results from my husband's blood work today. All of his testosterone levels look fine! Yay! And, he tested negative for antibodies. Which is also good because if you remember, testing positive for antibodies means you have a whole other set of issues that the sperm in your body is fighting. So there is the good news. Now for the setback....

Remember how I told y'all on my last post that my insurance covers for fertility? Well, it still does... But I found out it only covers to an extent. I have a lifetime maximum of $5,000 for fertility treatments. Which means that while my insurance does cover for fertility, once they pay $5,000 towards any fertility treatment they will not pay any more and we are then responsible for the rest. And like I mentioned bef…

Great News!

Hey y'all! If you remember from my last update, my hubby has an appointment next week for some blood work. Well, last week my doctor (Dr. Lu) called me and said he saw my hubby's results from Dr. Lanasa and that he wanted to talk with us. So we set an appointment for today. Of course, I was sooooo nervous wondering what this appointment could be about. Usually I am seeking the doctor, not the other way around. So I've waited all week and I'm happy to report that what Dr. Lu had to say is very encouraging and I *think* will be the answer to our prayers.
Dr. Lu told us he wanted to give us a few scenarios. He said that what he gathered from Dr. Lanasa's notes was that he's trying to make things a little more "better" for my husband (the taking of the vitamins and supplements) and that it was now up to him to tell us what we can do with that information.
Dr. Lu said that if all the vitamins and supplements don't change a single thing with my husband,…

Patience, My Dear

So we just got back from our second appointment for my husband. The appointment went pretty well and here is the summary of what we learned with this semen analysis:
#1 - My husband's sperm count is still stellar. He has a high volume of sperm, which is good.
#2 - His sperm mobility increased since our last visit. His doctor is attributing this to the over the counter vitamins he has been taking for the past 7 weeks.
#3 - We learned that when a man has the flu and a high fever, his sperm mobility is affected 10 weeks later. Which means sometime in March (since my husband had a 102.5 fever in early December) his sperm will have a lowered mobility. This, to us, was a crazy weird fact. Who knew??
#4 - Even though my husband's sperm mobility has increased, it is still not exactly where his doctor would like it to be.
#5 - Since his sperm mobility is not where we want it to be, he has to have blood work done in 2 weeks and he has to stay on all the over the counter vitamins he has…

Am I Weird??

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a blessed holiday season! I know I did! My holidays were spent with my amazing family and friends and I have a lot of precious memories from this year! Christmas was especially special because I was given one of the greatest gifts of all. My husband's nephew and his wife (a beautiful couple who I love very much) told us they are expecting a baby!! And at our family Christmas gathering, they extended the invitation for me to be their future child's godmother! To say I was honored would be an understatement! I was brought to tears and I am so excited to be such a big part of their growing family! Today they sent me an ultrasound picture of my future godchild and let me tell you, he or she is going to be SO loved!! So thank you both again for giving me the honor! I love you!

And now the reason behind the title of this entry today: A few weekends ago my stepgirls were over for our weekend with them and I was in the bathroom doing my make…